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Referee Education Program

The Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union recognizes the need to increase the number of trained referees throughout the Carolinas. As the sport of rugby continues to grow, so too will participation. This places an increased need for qualified referees throughout the region. The CGRU has established this program to assist with the course fees for the Level 1 Officiating Course.
This program is not intended for recertification, L2 & above courses, nor for other continuing education of any kind.
This reimbursement program is SPECIFIC to the Level 1 Officiating Course. It is intended to provide incentive to entry level referees that are members of Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union clubs. 
How does it work?
⦁    The individual enrolls and pays for the course through USA Rugby
⦁    Attend and complete the course successfully 
⦁    Officiate 5 matches (see notes below) 
⦁    Track matches refereed on a spreadsheet. Have a representative from the home team sign as a witness
⦁    Apply for reimbursement to the CGRU Referee Director
                 ⦁    Attach course receipt
                 ⦁    Attach copy/photo of spreadsheet with 5 matches and signatures

Matches refereed can be friendlies, scrimmages, and/or youth rugby. They do not need to be CGRU sanctioned conference matches. 
There is also no requirement for you to join the local referee society. 
Reimbursement of up to $75 is available.

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