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Per the CGRU Bylaws, the Annual General Meeting ("AGM") is held on a Saturday or a Sunday during the last weekend of the month of January each year.  During the odd years, the election of board positions shall take place - these are 2-year commitments.


At the AGM (and in this order):

  1. The President will report on the affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting;

  2. The Vice President of Finance (as hereinafter defined) will report on the financial affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting;

  3. The Union members shall elect the Union Officers for the coming year;

  4. The Divisions shall elect the Division Directors for the coming year;

  5. The Division Directors within each gender shall elect the Gender’s Executive Director;

  6. The members will consider any applications for Union membership by new clubs, which consideration shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2.01(a) hereof;

  7. The Union shall address any scheduling issues related to upcoming year; and

  8. The Union shall consider any new business.


At the discretion of the President, items 7 and 8 above may precede item 6.


Items for the AGM agenda must be submitted by members in writing to the Executive Committee no later than the 1st of January immediately before the scheduled meeting.

Nominations for all open board positions are due no later than the 1st of January immediately before the scheduled meeting.  These are currently collected via form which is emailed to each club president, and posted to social media channels.  This process may change as determined by the boardNominees must be CGRU members as of December 1 prior to the election, and must be in good standing with the Union.

Voting Members. Each full member in good standing has one vote at the AGM.  A Club with both a men's and women's team shall receive two votes.  The president on record for a club shall be the assigned voter, unless a proxy is appointed ahead of time.  That shall be confirmed by the VP of Operations prior to the meeting.  While others are welcome to attend the meeting, they shall have no vote.  Union Officials do not vote in the AGM elections.


Voting Procedures. A candidate has not won until he/she has obtained at least 50% of the vote.  If this occurs, the candidate with the least votes will be eliminated and there will be a re-vote.  If two remaining candidates each have 50% of the vote, each candidate will be given two minutes to speak, followed by a re-vote.  If the re-vote results in a tie, the tie-breaker will be a vote by the Executive Committee.

Financial Votes. When financial matters are to be decided within the Union the clubs shall cast their votes based upon the weighted number of their individual CIPP dues paying members.


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