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Standings Calculations

League standings for sanctioned competitions shall be constructed as follows: 

Win              4 Standings Points 

Tie/Draw     2 Standings Points 
Loss             0 Standings Points 


Additionally, teams may accrue bonus points based on performance within qualifying matches, such as: 

Loss by 7 or Less         1 Standings Bonus Point 
4+ Tries in a Match     1 Standings Bonus Point 

Match Forfeits

All match forfeits shall be entered as 28-0 results, with the winning team receiving 5 total Standings Points (PTS). In addition, the forfeiting team will lose a bonus point.

Unbalanced Standings

In the event that a set of standings (either intra- or inter-competition) features two or more teams that did not play the same number of matches, the standings shall be decided by Standings Points divided by the number of Games Played. Only a League Commissioner may determine if a match cannot be played or made up. For the purpose of this rule, forfeits do not count as games played.

Tiebreaker Procedures

These procedures are to be followed for any competition where all teams play a balanced schedule, such as single-pool, double round-robin (e.g. all teams play each other home and away). 


  1. Standings Points (PTS) 

  2. Number of Wins (W) 

  3. Head-to-Head Standings Points (PTS) 

  4. Head-to-Head Number of Wins (W) 

  5. Head-to-Head Points Differential (PD) 

  6. Head-to-Head Tries Differential (TD) 

  7. Head-to-Head Points For (PF) 

  8. Head-to-Head Tries For (TF) 

  9. Overall Points Differential (PD) 

  10. Overall Tries Differential (TD) 

  11. Overall Points For (PF) 

  12. Overall Tries For (TF) 

  13. Coin Flip

These procedures are to be followed for any competition that is not double round-robin. This includes competitions that are single round-robin; competitions where all teams do not play each other; and competitions where teams play some opponents a differing number of times than other opponents. 

  1. Standings Points (PTS)  

  2. Number of Wins (W) 

  3. Points Differential (PD) 

  4. Tries Differential (TD) 

  5. Points For (PF) 

  6. Tries For (TF) 

  7. Coin Flip

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