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Costs and Fees

The costs for 2023-24 are listed below.  More information about the USAR costs as well as the benefits can be found at (Note: the USAR page has not yet been updated as of the time of this post).

An individual may register for any combination of the below options, but will only pay the fee associated with the highest level category.  Each category has fees for USA Rugby, the CGRU and either the Senior Club Council or Collegiate Rugby Association of America.  Clubs may also set up their club fees/dues through RX. 

The USAR board has voted for a $10 increase across the various categories (player, coach, administrator, referee).  The Collegiate Council and Senior Club Council both voted against this increase, but it had enough votes to pass.  The club fee remains unchanged. 


For 2023-24, USAR will increase the player fee by $5, and this will be supplemented with $5 per player from the Senior Club Council, effectively providing the $10 increase per player to USAR.  There are stipulations in place whereby USAR must meet certain milestones before money is transferred from SCC to USAR (These are separate entities).


Further, the CGRU board has voted to decrease the union dues per player by $5, effectively keeping the player registration cost identical to 2022-23.  

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