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RX - Clubs


Under the Entities option in the left menu bar, you will find information about your clubs.  The setup of a club is completed by the USAR office by requesting a new entry to  Information they will need includes:

  • The club name - Include the location and nickname if you have it.  DO NOT include "Rugby" or "RFC" as that is understood.  For example, DO use "Augusta Furies"; DO NOT use "Augusta Furies Women's RFC".

  • The club contact person, including name and email.  This can be updated later as needed.

  • Your union and position authorizing the club creation.  Your email signature would suffice.

The process may take a few days at which point, the USAR office will confirm that it has been created.


Once the club has been created, there are additional steps that need to be completed.  Most of these steps should be completed by the club admin, but periodically you will need to QC the data.  In the left menu of your admin portal, scroll down to expand ENTITIES, and select Clubs.  A listing of all the clubs in your union will appear.

  • Prior to the start of the season, check the ClubFee Status column to ensure all of your clubs have registered and paid.

Select a specific club by clicking the line in the list of clubs.  This will take you to the clubs administration page where you can make edits.  However, it is recommended that you make the club admin accountable to complete any editing.  Across the top, you will see the following menu items:

  • Details - Information about the club

    • Upload a logo.  This should be a PNG file with a transparent background.  

    • Club name will be auto-populated

    • Club Abbreviation is not a field that is currently being used.  This can be a 4-5 character abbreviation.

    • ​Club Address should be added if there is one.

    • Home Venue can be found in the search field if you have created it already.  See Venues for more information.

    • About Us is not a field currently being used.

  • Contacts - Add the name and email of the club contact.  multiple people can be added.

  • Website - information and links to the clubs website and social media.

  • Compliance - This is where you can check that a club is compliant with a fully certified coach, 8+ registered players, and a completed club registration.  

  • Teams - Any teams created (see Teams for more information) will be listed here.  Clubs may have more than 1 team such as men's and women's. 

  • Admins - All of the club's Club and Team admins will be listed here.  An individual may be both a Club and Team admin.  Details on how to add a Club or Team Admin can be found on the Administration page.​

The video below will guide you thought the steps to edit a club.  You can expand the video to full screen for a better view. 


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