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The Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union adheres to USA Rugby's Safe Sport Policies and Procedures. All club administrators, board members, coaches, and referees are required to complete Safe Sport training as part of their registration process. This training is mandatory. 

USA Rugby says:
"The safety of its members is of paramount importance to USA Rugby. USA Rugby has Zero Tolerance for abuse and misconduct. This includes not only on-pitch safety, but also off-pitch safety in any part of USA Rugby’s programs. USA Rugby is committed to creating safe and fun environments for its members."

Additionally, the USA Rugby Safe Sport Policy states...
This SafeSport Program Handbook includes the various policies adopted by USA Rugby that apply to:

⦁    All USA Rugby staff, interns and contractors
⦁    Certified coaches and officials
⦁    USA Rugby Board members
⦁    USA Rugby operational and governance committee members
⦁    Registered members of USA Rugby
⦁    USA Rugby training and education certification workforce
⦁    Contracted medical personnel at USA Rugby sanctioned events
⦁    Contracted medical personnel relating to USA Rugby national teams
⦁    Volunteers acting on behalf of the USA Rugby at USA Rugby sanctioned events
⦁    Volunteers acting on behalf of USA Rugby in conjunction with national teams
⦁    Other individuals that USA Rugby formally approves or appoints on an ad hoc or interim basis to a position of authority over or who has frequent contact with minor athletes 

For Information on the USA Rugby Safe Sport Reporting, Training, Handbook, and more please visit:

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