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RX - Competitions


Once you have added the venues, established the clubs, and created the teams, you are now ready to build the competition.  You will need a competition for each competitive division as well as one for inter/intra-union friendlies.


In the left menu of your admin portal, scroll down to expand COMPETITION MANAGEMENT, and select Competitions.  To create a new competition, select the Create Competition link at the top of the page

  • Season - Select the upcoming season year from the dropdown.

  • Competition Type - 15 A-Side

  • Max Players - For 15s, it is 23

  • Age Level - Senior Club (18-99)

  • Competition Name - Use the correct naming convention.  This is what will appear in the RX and MatchDay apps. 

    • The union name, "Men's" or "Women's", then D#

    • For example, Carolinas Women's D2

  • Number of Rounds - It is recommended to start with a weekend in August/September and continue incrementally by 1 every weekend.  Count weekends even if there are no matches planned in a division.  All of your divisions will align with the rounds each weekend.  If there is a match rescheduled for an open weekend, that weekend round  will be unique.

  • Default Start Time - Enter your preferred time.  This can alway be edited in the match later.

  • Pools/Ladders - If your competition will have Pools and/or a Ladder, check these boxes 

    • Pools are used to group different teams within a competition.

    • Ladders are used for ranking teams within a competition based on their results from matches.  

  • Player Points - Enter Max Competition Player Points and tick ‘Use Player Points’ (if applicable) 

    • Note, most competitions will add ‘0’ into Competition Player Points.

  • Restrictions - Competition Restrictions allows you to enter in specific registration types that players must be registered to, in order to appear for team selection in that competition.


Once you have saved your initial competition setup, select this one from your list of competitions to begin editing details.  You will start in the Competition Details tab which is all of the info you have already added above.  Continue to the other tabs:

  • Allocated Teams - Find your teams by using the dropdowns. 

    • Parent Type will be Geographical Union

      • The Midwest will be under Territorial Union while their components will be under Local Area Unions.​

    • Select your union, which will result in your teams to appear below.  Because you named them correctly, it should be easy to uncheck "Select All", and then check the ones for this competition such as all with MD3.​

    • If you are adding an out-of-union team to a friendly competition, select that GU in the 2nd dropdown.  

      • Note that RX will not allow adding teams from college to a club competition.​

      • You can add additional teams later as friendlies are added to the schedule. 

  • Pools - This is typically used when a competition has 2+ sub-groups such as North/South.

    • This will create 2 separate sets of standings (or "ladders").

    • Any matches across pools will count in the standings.  If you don't want a match to count, add it to your Friendlies competition.  Friendlies competition should not have the pools or ladders selected. 

      • Think of the NFL - each football team plays the opponents within their division ("pool") twice while playing others outside the division.  All of the games count in the standings, but the standings are separated by division.​

  • Team Lists - Select only the following options:

    • Activate Team Lists ​

    • Require Coach on Team List

    • Coach - Require Compliance Accreditations  

  • Publish - Select all options  

  • Ladders - Add details about your competition.  Note that the tiebreaker options are different from SportLomo and may necessitate a policy change in your union.  We recommend the policy revised by the Carolinas for Tiebreakers and Points. 

  • Report - This is not a setting, but an option to generate a report which would be emailed to you.  ​

  • Referee - Not currently used; Still in development.

  • Payment - Not currently used; Still in development. 

Repeat the steps above for each of the competitions in your union.  You are now ready to start building your schedules.

The video below will guide you thought the steps to create and edit a competition.  You can expand the video to full screen for a better view. 


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