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EFFECTIVE with the 2019/2020 season, the USA Rugby guidelines for Technical Zones are required for all club rugby matches. The Technical Zone Guidelines are to ensure player, participant, and fan safety. Clubs are required to make use and familiarize themselves with the policy as referees will enforce compliance in order to play your matches. 

Technical Zone Guidelines

The below safety guidelines are for teams and tournaments conducted within the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union. These guidelines are supplied to ensure player and participant welfare in and around sanctioned events.

  1. Sideline barriers are required from goal line to goal line and maintained at least 5 meters from the touchline. A maximum of 1 team staff may stand inside the barriers and in close proximity of the sideline barrier. Replacement players are NOT permitted inside the barrier until requesting entry into the match.

    1. The appointed team representative must remain between their 50m and 22m or behind the dead ball line. Additional team staff may be behind the dead ball line.

    2. Coaches or team representatives are NOT permitted to enter the playing area during play. Water carriers and medical personnel may enter the playing area by prior arrangement, or at the specific invitation of the referee.

  2. The home club must provide a properly marked field for all matches in accordance with the Laws of the Game and published guidelines of the CGRU. Recommended playing surface should be grass or IRB Regulation 22 Certified turf. Fields should be free of debris such as glass, protrusions, divots, etc.

  3. Teams, staff and players of both teams will be on the opposite side of spectators, separated at the 50m and will remain on their respective sides. No one is permitted inside the 22m from either team.

    1. If a team has extenuating circumstances that don’t allow for this setup, they may request a waiver from the CGRU Board. If a waiver is granted, teams, staff and players of both teams will be on opposite sides. Teams, staff and players will still need to stay within their 50m and 22m with no one permitted inside the 22 meters.

  4. All goal posts in the field of play must be padded. All field flags must be break-away.


The home club shall provide a sufficient number of properly inflated rugby balls, in good playing condition, so as to carry on the match without substantial delay.


Clubs unable to consistently meet the guidelines will be referred to the CGRU Board for action

  1. The referee will commence the match only if all safety guidelines are met, and may abandon the match if any of these guidelines are breached.

  2. The referee will abandon the match if any match official (referee, touch judge or other assigned official) is threatened verbally or physically.

  3. Before abandoning a match, the referee will meet with the team captains to explain why this action is being taken.

  4. A team is responsible for the abandonment and will be liable for all match fees.

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